• Howard Altman

    Howard Altman

    I am an attorney and writer living in NY. Author of Goodnight Loon, Poems & Parodies to Survive Trump, available on Amazon.

  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

  • Max Dworin

    Max Dworin

    Food, Bev, CPG, Startups. Launching a new alcohol brand soon. Pursuing my MBA @yalesom. Formerly @BoxedWholesale & @SenSchumer. @Mets fan & @JohnsHopkins alum

  • Nancy Dadami

    Nancy Dadami

    Live in Inner Peace. Feng Shui Consultant, Medicine Painting Mentor, Course Creator, and Lover of Life. https://ndadami9.medium.com/membership

  • Nabeelah Patel

    Nabeelah Patel

    Millennial female;optimistic, nature loving, vegetable eating artist. Do spreadsheets for fun,and have a 50 000 word draft in need of editing.

  • Laura Krolczyk

    Laura Krolczyk

  • Sam Bart

    Sam Bart

    Sports. Politics. Podcasts. Writing. Life-long depressed Jets and Knicks fan.

  • Ryan Knapp

    Ryan Knapp

    Founder of Miles to Go Endurance. Coach runners with a speciality in trail/mountain/ultra/sky Born to be a #trailnerd. How can I help you be a better runner?

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