She’s going to ask, I know she’s going to ask.

This is my first time hosting Christmas dinner, but we’ve had this Christmas dinner for 32 years. And she had it with her mother for 30 years before that. I wonder now if Grammie ever asked my mother questions like this, and if my mom got mad, and if this is all just part of the great circle of life.

I wish my grandmother was here.

But she’s not, my mother is, and she is busy chattering away with my three-year-old. “Annnnnd what does a turkey say?” …

A Valentine’s Day visit home brings back memories for Roberta and her husband.

“Roberta where are you today?”

Roberta peered up at Charles, the hair stylist, with her one good eye. His blonde hair stood straight up in spikes and a little heart-shaped diamond glistened in his right ear. She tried to think of a funny quip, but nothing came to her unruly mind.

She looked back at the mirror as Charles snipped at her hair, the silver scissors clicking away. If she couldn’t sound smart and funny, at least she could look good.

Usually she chatted with Charles, interjecting…

A short story told through the stream of consciousness of an employee on Black Friday. Featured on the Reedsy blog December 2018.

The cashier in the Women’s department needs change.

I’ll get that after I drop this register tape in Tools. Then I can finally go home. I am old Kris Kringle… I am already sick of Christmas music.

Eye up the Children’s department on my way. There are… 11, 12, 13, 14 people in line. Okay, register tape to Tools, then help in Children’s, then back to get change for Women’s.

The cashier in Tools needs to take his…

Shannon Patch

Storyteller, political junkie, Mama. Lover of books, wine, and laughing. Changing the world one busy day at a time.

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